From a Tie to a Backpack

Dec 22, 2018.

Five years ago I decided to change my tie ? and a life that didn’t full fill me to start following my heart. Back in the day I worked in a consulting firm doing things that I was not passionate about, I had 15 business days a year to travel (my passion of life) vs 261 in an office … I started to question many things (nothing changes if you only complain).

Sometimes it’s very important to forget about the future and live in the present, that’s why I decided to spend all the savings for my MBA, on a master’s degree in the university of life, doing an around the world trip. It sounds very nice but the fears behind are crazy, my boss told me that no one would hire me after a year of doing “nothing”, my mom told me that I had a “successful” job and future. Before the trip started I wrote to the editor of an airline’s magazine offering my services as a travel writer to which he replied: “You write like an engineer and can not express much.”

From that moment I would write to him every 4 days for a minimum of one year (quite intense) until he liked my writings. During my journey, my perspective of “success” and happiness changed, with my tie on I was living a life where my dreams and my desires were not the ones that made the decisions of my day to day. Step by step my life priorities changed, I changed (and a lot). I was living a life always surrounded by people in a traveling mode with the best energy in the world, smiling, very connected (not the the cell phone).

The fear of the future was changed for smiles in each country I visited. My trip that would originally last a year ended up lasting 754 days and a month before returning to Colombia I receive an email that said “My dear, do you remember me? Would you like to write for my magazines? “I looked at the mail, smiled, cried of happiness, that was the first moment where I would be paid to do something that I was passionate about. At that point everything began to flow.

Nothing more important than being persistent with your dreams! My important meetings with gorillas ?, hummer-head sharks ? and communities in Papua became part of my job full time. The most important thing is not to be stopped by what “society” says, to trust in you and to put all the energy into the things that make you vibrate, smile. Once you connect with yourself everything begins to flow in a crazy way.

This year ends after 112 flights in every continent of this beautiful world. I invite you to leave your fears aside, to look for what really makes you happy and obsessively pursue it. Life is one and it is to fulfill your dreams, only yours. If you don’t not make any change, nothing will change, nothing. Thanks a lot to everyone of you ?? for being part of this journey, for all your support! A trip that changed me and keeps changing my life!

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  1. Holaa!! Creo que hablas español porque hablas de Colombia. Cuando hablas de tu primer viaje, antes de que te dijeran que escribieras para la revista, ese viaje fue con tus ahorros? O ya tenías un trabajo? No entendí bien y me interesa porque mi pasión es viajar.

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